South Asia Mission: Megan’s View

With this being my first missions trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect! I was glad to know we would be ministering primarily to hurting girls and women, as listening to and loving others, especially children, is a passion of mine. I knew I wanted these ladies to see how God can heal a broken heart and hoped at least some part of my story could show them.

What I didn’t know, was that despite all their troubles, their broken pasts, the abuse and abandonment they have suffered, that they would show ME how God can mend a broken heart. The magnitude of their suffering in contrast to the love and hope anchoring them taught me more than I ever imagined about trusting Jesus. They affectionately called me “tender girl” and comforted and encouraged me as I shed tears during the week, though many of them came from laughter.

I am so grateful for my teammates-my new friends-for the support they provided and for Mark for leading us through a great week and my first mission. I so look forward to more of this work for Jesus!


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