South Asia Mission: Matt’s View

This is my second trip to south Asia. Last year was an exciting opening experience into the mission field. This year capitalized on the relationships made last year, while cultivating new and deeper connections with the boys and girls.

For most of the trip I had the pleasure of being the main representative of our team with the boys. I worked with them, laying concrete in their new chicken coop/ goat pen of awesomeness. I also helped sow a multitude of different vegetables throughout their flourishing fields. Last year, I was blessed to help clear and run irrigation for their first crop plats. Since then the operation has been booming. Now there are acres of crops growing all over the property. It’s wonderful to see the fruit of our combined labor.  Working with these young men was great. I had the chance to build bonds that only hard work can foster. 

Every evening we had the opportunity to spend some time with the Academy girls. After Mark provided devotion and instructions on how to better study your bible, we broke the girls down into small groups. Each one of the team took a small group and discussed specific passages of scripture. After we had completed the assigned reading, the groups generally stayed together and played games or spent more time in conversation. Mornings were fun. I had the opportunity to run a workout with the team and a group of Academy girls. It was truly a joy to spend this time with the girls. It was humbling to hear the stories and see true perseverance stand in front of me, in the form of sweet, beautiful little girls. They have hearts full of GOD, which they radiate in all they do. 

It was an encouraging and heartbreaking trip this year. I can say I forged new relationships that will be a part of my life forever.



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